Safety and Style with Beautiful Classic Logos

Safety and Style with Beautiful Classic Logos

Sports & Classics exclusively offered vintage style chrome buckle seat belts with gorgeous logos of your classic British car. Austin Healey wing logo, Factory MG/Austin Healey logo, Triumph logo, MG logo, Lotus logo, and Jaguar logo. Available in 2 point lap belt and three point shoulder belts. These belts are a perfect finishing touch to your restoration, adding safety and style! Offered in Black, dark blue, gray, green, red and tan. See all belts offered >

The Beauty of the Vintage Style Rallye Seat


One of our most loved products is the Rallye Seat. It is a fully upholstered vintage style seat crafted on an aluminium frame. The seats are constructed from aircraft aluminium and upholstered in leather or soft-grain vinyl. We offer these seats in our full range of colors with your choice of piping color. Each seat is custom made to order, so be creative and get the look you want!rallye-with-aluminum-seat-black-with-white-piping

These seats will fit in most vintage British sports cars and other sports cars as well. We always suggest measuring your floor area, as seat travel forward may be inhibited in some vehicles. 

Since this seat comes fully assembled, it offers a great alternative to refurbishing your old seats! This saves you time and money. If you are looking for a complete interior, we offer this seat in conjunction with a full panel interior kit. This will give you a brand new look in all the custom colors you are looking for. If you do not see your car currently listed with these seats, just ask! Well will put a package together for you. 

See them in action!

Below are some amazing cars that customers have created, sporting the Rallye seat.

Oyster White Interior with Dark Blue Piping


The specifics:
Measurements: The base measures 17 inches wide with a total of 18 inches with cover upholstery. The bottom measures 15 inches from front to back and 17 1/2 inches when upholstered.

Doeskin Tan with Dark Green Piping

We would love to hear how you might use these seats in the creation of your interior! Please email or give us a call to talk about it!

The Benefit of Using Dri Plugs While Storing Your Vehicle


Why Dri Plugs? If your going to store your vehicle long term or just over the winter these plugs can give you added protection against moisture and corrosion in the cylinder walls. These plugs fit all 14mm spark plug holes which are extremely common in classic cars and boats. Dri plugs are reusable and can be dried out during the off season. dryplug_productThey are shaped like spark plugs and serve to seal the cylinder chamber and dry it of moisture. It will help eliminate moisture accumulation caused by an open valve. The top of the dri plug can accommodate the spark plug wire.

As you might be storing your fine automobile for the winter months, make sure your engine is safe from rust and corrosion. DRI PLUGS are transparent, moisture and gasoline 
 resistant containers that hold a dehydrating agent capable of absorbing water equal to more than 45% its own weight. They are blue when dry and pink when completely saturated. Each DRI PLUG comes with a color chart to determine the humidity of an area at a glance. DRI PLUGS are mostly used in the preparation auto engine combustion chambers, which have long been vulnerable. DRI PLUGS are shaped like spark plugs and serve the dual purpose of sealing and dehydrating the chambers.

Purchase yours while supplies last >

The Restored 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Restored 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 in gun metal gray with Buckingham Classic Mulberry red leather interior. Often described as, “The most beautiful Spitfire I have ever seen”.

This stunning vehicle was restored two years ago with help of Sports & Classics. A ground up restoration, featuring a fully rebuilt engine with Weber Carb, tuned headers and alloy valve cover. This customer’s attention to detail makes this spitfire one of the most gorgeous on the road today.

“The most beautiful Spitfire I have ever seen.” – S&C Customer

Sports & Classics rebuilt the engine, transmission, supplied many original parts and crafted and installed this delicious Mulberry red full leather interior. To top off the look, we were asked to create and install a beautiful black stayfast canvas top and top boot.

The addition of a brand new set of chrome Dunlop wire wheels and spinners makes this car a magnet at every car show or just a drive around town.

Want this look?

This outcome was the product of an owner’s vision and the skilled individuals who helped bring it to life. The following products were instrumental in turning this vehicle into a work of art! 

Interior: Buckingham Classic Complete Leather Interior also available in Vinyl.

Top Boot: Buckingham Classic Top Boot in canvas.

Wheels: Chrome Wire Wheels

Headlamps: Lucas PL Tripod Headlamps

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