1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Vintage Racer Project

The team at Sports & Classics will be resurrecting an original 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Vintage Racecar. This car hasn’t been run in over 35 years. It’s about time this little Bugeye racer is made street legal and see’s the open road!

Stay tuned for more updates as we will be going through the car, replacing worn out components with only period correct original and performance parts wherever possible. This will definitely be a fun little project and we hope to see you at an upcoming local event.

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  1. Larry Castelli says:

    I am also rebuilding a 1959 Austin Healy, it was also used for racing for a long long time. No rust
    but covered with small dents. I’m to bare metal now, I am doing a lot of engine compartment work so I can install a Ford 5.0 EFI and a Ford AOD trans. Ill end up with a driveshaft that’s about 12″ long. Have it disassembled for about the 6th time., getting easier as time goes on I can now pull or replace the engine and trans in minutes of coarse that is w? the radiator in. Lots of fun and hopefully it will be a little faster than with the original engine. There is a large scoop between the headlights to guive the 5.0 alittle extra room. It’s almost ready for paint, and will end up being a poor mans Cobra.

  2. Jim Liberty says:

    I have a ’60 with a Judson. A hoot from 30 to 50.

  3. gregg plamondon says:

    Have you heard of a “sebring sprite”? A friend of mine has one, it has a fiberglass hood and a steel one as well.

  4. Bob says:

    We have a Bugeye with a Toyota engine and it will scare you

    1. Sports & Classics says:

      Bob, what Toyota engine? 4AGE?

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