Installing Austin Healey 3000 & 100-6 Headers

  1. Remove the intake manifold and carbs
  2. Remove the exhaust manifolds and disconnect the down pipes from the muffler and remove.
  3. Place rear half of header in approximate position in the engine conpartment, inserting from the top, but DO NOT BOLT TO HEAD.
  4. Place the front half of the header in the car and bolt to head. The removable piece should be installed last. Use the furnished clamp to join the tubes together. A stud must be used on the extreme right flange hole which is somewhat covered by the header tube at that point. Bolts are okay on all the other holes.
  5. Put the rear half of the header in place and check to see if there is sufficient clearance for the throttle linkage. On some models there may be a slight interference and if so it will not affect performance if the header tube is dented for clearance. Bolt the rear half in place.
  6. The center tubes on the headers are designed using bends of such radius for the best possible gas flow. For this reason a slight amount of material must be ground away from the bottom of the intake manifold where it touches the tubes. After the material is removed, the intake manifold may be bolted in place.

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