The Benefit of Using Dri Plugs While Storing Your Vehicle


Why Dri Plugs? If your going to store your vehicle long term or just over the winter these plugs can give you added protection against moisture and corrosion in the cylinder walls. These plugs fit all 14mm spark plug holes which are extremely common in classic cars and boats. Dri plugs are reusable and can be dried out during the off season. dryplug_productThey are shaped like spark plugs and serve to seal the cylinder chamber and dry it of moisture. It will help eliminate moisture accumulation caused by an open valve. The top of the dri plug can accommodate the spark plug wire.

As you might be storing your fine automobile for the winter months, make sure your engine is safe from rust and corrosion. DRI PLUGS are transparent, moisture and gasoline 
 resistant containers that hold a dehydrating agent capable of absorbing water equal to more than 45% its own weight. They are blue when dry and pink when completely saturated. Each DRI PLUG comes with a color chart to determine the humidity of an area at a glance. DRI PLUGS are mostly used in the preparation auto engine combustion chambers, which have long been vulnerable. DRI PLUGS are shaped like spark plugs and serve the dual purpose of sealing and dehydrating the chambers.

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