Mounting Seat Tracks to Aluminum Rallye Seats


The rallye seat we are using here are mounted on an aluminum frame which has a plywood subbase that serves as an anchor for the vinyl. Before drilling, we recommend setting the seats in the desired location. You will want to mark the area on the floor pan. The new tracks should be located parallel to each other. Often you can use the location of the old tracks as a guide. It maybe necessary to drill new holes to mount the tracks to the vehicle floor.[/one_half]

Tools Required:

    • Electric Drill
    • 3/32″ Metal Drill Bit
  • 3/4″ Wood Drill Bit
  • 1/4″ Metal Drill Bit




1) With the seat in the upright position, lift and dislodge the seat bottom from it’s setting in the seat. It will lift forward anchored by a piece of vinyl located in the front portion of the seat.


2) With the seat bottom now dislodged, invert the seat and lay it on a suitable work table.


3) As the seat assembly is now upside down, gently pull back the felt bottom that is covering the seat base. This can be easily re-glue after drilling the holes.


4) With the aluminum base exposed, place the seat tracks onto the base for the purpose of marking the position of the seat track studs that will affix the track assembly to the seat.

5) Now that the seat tracks studs are marked on the aluminum, remove the track and prepare for the first drilling stage. These holes are going to be drilled using the 3/32″ metal drill bit. Drill the corresponding holes completely through the base and the plywood subbase.

6) With all holes drilled, re-position seat in the upright on your work table. Keep the seat bottom dislodged. The plywood subbase is now visible with the drilled holes accomplished in step 5 apparent.

7) You will now use the 3/4″ wood drill bit. Place the locating center of the wood bit into the holes drilled in the previous step. Drill through the plywood subbase only. This will provide a hole suitable for the nut that will thread onto the seat track stud. Perform this for all seat track stud locations.



You will now be able to insert the seat track studs into the drilled holes and tighten into place.

That’s it! You’re set and ready to be installed in the car!

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